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Don't buy water, buy concentrated fertilizers !

Metrop indoor foliar grow schedule.

Spraying fertilizers gives bigger results than giving fertilizers to the roots !


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Indoor foliar growschedule



This grow outline is for spraying the fertilizers.

Each Metrop fertilizer contains standaard a wetting agent.

Use this schedule on rich soil.

When you use it next to a normal feeding system to the root, check once a week the

Ec in the medium to be sure that the plant is "eating" all nutrients.



To change the pH of the foliar water. Foliar water need another pH than the water to the root.

Just mix, shake and spray !

To mix the fertilizers with each other or with other products !

To spray in the dark, it is better to spray with all lights on. The plant will take up very quick the nutriënts and the rest of the water vaporize quick !



Spray Calgreen on the buds, fruits and flowers !

The Calgreen will make the cellwalls extreem strong that results in a strong protection against mould and bring much more weight !

Spray Calgreen from beginning of flowering to the end of flowering !

Each week the new born cells will be made strong than !

TIP ! Buy more sticks to carry the heavy plant !


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Indoor foliar|spray fertilizers|growschedule|grow schedule|grow outline

Spray fertilizers gives more yield than dripping fertilizers !

Use this feeding chart next you your normal feeding chart and get the extra big boost !